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What is qbCore?

QBcore is a powerful and flexible tool that enables developers to create high-quality RP servers on FiveM, providing players with engaging and immersive role-playing experiences within the Grand Theft Auto V online multiplayer world.

Build your FiveM roleplay server

QB framework is designed to help developers building RP servers on FiveM, a popular modding platform for the game Grand Theft Auto V. It provides a set of tools and fivem scripts that make it easier to create immersive role-playing experiences within the game’s online multiplayer environment.

With QB, developers can take advantage of features like character creation, inventory management, and customizable job systems. It also includes a range of API functions and hooks that allow for easy integration with other scripts and resources.

One of the key benefits of using our framework is that it is designed to be highly customizable and extensible. This means that developers can easily tailor the framework to meet the specific needs of their RP server, and add new features and functionality as needed.

Our blog

Welcome to our blog, where we write about QBcore, a framework for building RP servers on FiveM. We cover the latest FiveM news and mods, as well as provide tips and tutorials for using QBcore to create immersive role-playing experiences within the game.

Our blog is a great resource for learning more about QBcore and staying up to date on the latest FiveM news and mods.

How to install qbCore

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People love our framework

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“Very cool framework. No bugs at all, I will use it in the future”

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“My players love the possibilities and extensions of every FiveM resource for this framework.”

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“Stable optimization and scripts, everything works well since the beginning.”


Frequently asked questions

Simply install them like any other mods, by drag  & drop. Here is a tutorial!


If you want, you can donate or script mods. We are a community project and rely on people.

Click here to find out more.

QB is more optimized and runs smoothly in terms of FPS or gamecrashes.

We are developing a demo server and demo page to showcase our framework. Stay tuned!