Best Tips for QBCore Servers



Running a QBCore server on the FiveM platform can be an exciting venture, whether you’re a seasoned server owner or a newcomer to the world of role-playing in Grand Theft Auto V. QBCore is a popular framework that provides a solid foundation for creating immersive and enjoyable RP experiences. To help you make the most of your QBCore server, we’ve compiled a massive list of the best tips and tricks to ensure your server runs smoothly, attracts players, and provides an outstanding gaming experience.

1. Stay Updated:

Keep your QBCore framework and server resources up to date to benefit from the latest features, optimizations, and bug fixes.

2. Quality Control:

Ensure the quality of your server by thoroughly testing custom scripts, vehicles, and resources before deploying them.

3. Active Staff Team:

Assemble a dedicated and responsive staff team to handle player issues, enforce rules, and maintain a positive atmosphere.

4. Player-Friendly Rules:

Create clear and concise server rules to establish expectations and maintain a respectful community.

5. Custom Content:

Offer unique and engaging content, such as custom vehicles, jobs, and activities, to make your server stand out.

6. Regular Events:

Host events and RP scenarios to keep your player base engaged and excited about logging in.

7. Responsive Support:

Provide efficient customer support through forums, Discord, or other platforms to address player concerns.

8. Economy Balance:

Carefully balance your in-game economy to prevent inflation or stagnation, and encourage players to engage in various activities.

9. Customization Options:

Allow players to personalize their characters, properties, and vehicles to enhance their RP experience.

10. Optimization:

Optimize your server resources and scripts to ensure a smooth and lag-free gaming environment.

11. Active Development:

Continue to develop and expand your server to keep it fresh and exciting for existing and new players.

12. Documentation:

Create comprehensive documentation or guides for your server features to help players understand how to use them.

13. Community Feedback:

Listen to player feedback and suggestions to make improvements and adjustments accordingly.

14. Regular Backups:

Back up your server data regularly to prevent loss in case of unexpected crashes or issues.

15. Anti-Cheat Measures:

Implement strong anti-cheat measures to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

16. Communication:

Keep players informed about server updates, events, and news through social media, Discord, or forums.

17. Collaborations:

Collaborate with other server owners or content creators to cross-promote and grow your player base.

18. Donations and Perks:

Offer donation packages with cosmetic perks to help cover server expenses and keep it running smoothly.

19. Lore and Storylines:

Develop an engaging lore and ongoing storylines to immerse players in your server’s RP world.

20. Player Forums:

Create a dedicated forum or community hub for players to connect, share stories, and provide feedback.

21. Server Stability:

Invest in reliable hosting services to ensure your server remains online and stable.

22. Active Advertisement:

Advertise your server on FiveM forums, server lists, and RP communities to attract new players.

23. Server Rules Enforcement:

Enforce server rules consistently and fairly to maintain a positive player experience.

24. Regular Wipes:

Consider periodic server wipes to refresh the economy and give new players a chance to catch up.


Running a QBCore server on FiveM can be a rewarding experience when done right. By following these best tips and incorporating them into your server management strategy, you can create an immersive and thriving RP community that keeps players coming back for more. Remember that maintaining a positive player experience is key to the long-term success of your server. Good luck and happy gaming!

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